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San Diego Zoo & Safari Park

The world-famous San Diego Zoo is a real sightseeing adventure and tour value. Admission to the Zoo includes unlimited use of Guided Bus Tour, Express Bus, and Skyfari Aerial Tram. See the life and animals of the world in one afternoon, viewing rare and intriguing wildlife from nearly every region of the globe in just one location. With more than 4,000 animals representing 800 species, it’s home to a diverse collection of animals, many of which are rarely seen at other zoos. Winding pathways take visitors through a 3-acre experience at the San Diego Zoo’s largest and most elaborate animal habitat in its 90-year history. Monkey Trails and Forest Tales, located in the Heart of the Zoo, takes guests on a two-level excursion into Asian and African forests flourishing with some of nature’s most imperiled wildlife.
Our world-famous pandas at the San Diego Zoo have had the crowds abuzz ever since two of the black-and-white bears came to visit in 1987. After years of red tape and laborious paperwork, the Zoo and China agreed on a 12-year research loan of two giant pandas, Bai Yun and Shi Shi. A brand-new exhibit area was built for our panda guests, which has since been expanded and renovated and is now called the Giant Panda Research Station.

The world-famous San Diego Zoo also curates and operates Safari Park, also known as a Wildlife or Wild Animal Park.  The world renowned outdoor zoo-like attraction where visitors can ride in vehicles provided by the facility to observe free- roaming animals in the wild. Large animals from Sub-Saharan Africa such as giraffes, lions, rhinoceros, elephants, zebras, and antelope live and thrive in as close to their natural habitat as man is able to provide.

2920 Zoo Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

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